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Instructional/Research Telescope

In cooperation with the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), the Joint Center for Astrophysics (JCA) operates an instructional/research telescope, conveniently located on the roof of the Physics Building.

The telescope was manufactured by DFM Engineering. It is equipped with three cameras: two imagers (an SBIG ST-8E CCD with 7x5 arcmin field of view; and an SBIG Research STL-11000M wide-field CCD with a 19x13 arcmin field of view), plus a dedicated guider. More than twenty filters are available that cover wide and narrow bands from the infra-red (IR) to the ultra-violet (UV). We also have an SBIG Self-Guided Spectrograph, which pairs with the SBIG ST-8E Camera. The telescope and site specifications are available here.

The original imaging system attained first light on Aug 16, 2000, and the wide-field imaging system attained "second light" on Sep 23, 2004. Also check out our image gallery, which contains images taken with both cameras.

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